This is your guide to emergency burn treatment.

We cover emergency treatment of major burns, electrical burns, chemical burns, pediatric burns, and minor burns.

Quick Parkland Formula Calculator

In case you are looking to calculate the Parkland Formula, here is the way it is calculated in the Parkland Formula Calculator below:

  • Total fluid = 4mL x wt (kg) x TBSA (%)
  • Give half in the first 8 hours from the time of the burn and half over the next 16 hours. The above calculator factors in the hours elapsed since the burn.
  • Subtract the volume of IV fluid given in the prehospital setting from the half to be given in the first 8 hours from the time of the burn. Note, this may mean the fluids need to be given over 7 hours, if one hour has elapsed since the burn.
  • Use Lactated Ringer’s (LR), Plasmalyte or Hartmann’s solution
  • For kids <30kg, add D5 1/2 NS maintenance fluid to the above.

Here is the video about small burns!

This is a quick video on special burns: chemical, electrical, pediatric, and circumferential.